"The Hungry Ghost" [w/ an interview with Robert intro]

The Cure

from 2009 NME Big Gig

[if you like this song, you must compare guitar styles/interpretations of former guitarist Porl Thompson to now guitarist Reeves Gabrelshttp://youtu.be/Cz6vrayiZHE [from 2013’s Lollapalooza].  Porl has an incredible presence and style, but I must say that Robert couldn’t have picked a better replacement than Reeves.  Could Reeves become the best guitarist The Cure has ever had??  Potentially yes!]

if you’re a CURE fan, this is fucking powerful to watch and listen to.

"Truth Goodness and Beauty [Someone’s Coming]"

The Cure

[from the DVD companion to their 2004 self-titled album]